How to Order an Emergency Lunch

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Emergency Lunches 

Emergency Lunches can only be requested by the child when they reach the front of the lunch service line.  These lunches are limited and are distributed on a first come first serve basis.  Once all of these entrées have been distributed a cereal option will be available for the child(ren) so they do not need to go hungry.  With this option the child will receive a cereal and milk, along with a fruit/veggie, snack and an additional drink for a regular lunch price. 

You may contact your school's office and request a lunch any time before the lunch service. 


Please be aware Choicelunch cannot guarantee that an Emergency Lunch will be available for every child who may be in need of one as we do not know from day to day if one child or twenty may need a lunch.  "Emergency lunches are available on a first-come, first-serve basis".


How does my child request an Emergency Lunch? 

When a student reaches the front of the lunch service line, the volunteer will ask his/her name, the volunteer will then look on the Daily Report to make sure that the student’s parents have not Opted Out to the Emergency Lunch Program.  If the child is not on the Opt Out list, the volunteer will ask the student their grade and write both student name/grade down on the Daily Report along with what entrée was provided to the child.  They will hand the child their lunch and the child will continue through the lunch line and select their fruit/veggie, snack and drink. We also provide condiments if needed.




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