How Is our Menu Planned?

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Who decides what’s on the menu?

Our menu is written by the research and development team including the executive chef and our nutritionist. It is created to offer popular lunches that the kids love the most and that consistently have great feedback.

Why are there different menu choices daily?

Choice is in our name, so we offer a daily mix of both hot and cold items. We strive to write a menu that offers as many things as possible, including daily vegetarian lunches, and daily options for kids with allergies and sensitivities. We also want a menu that has new items and seasonal lunches to keep things fun.

What is always on the menu?

Every day we offer a Bagel and Cream Cheese, Simply Turkey and Cheese Sandwich, Sunbutter and Jam Sandwich, Chicken Caesar Salad, Salami, Cheese and Cracker Plate, Chicken Tenders and Cheese Ravioli.  These items will all appear on our daily menu but may not be available on "Late Ordering".   

Our Bagel and Cream Cheese is almost always available as a "Late Order". 


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