Do you offer Local, Organic and Hormone Free ingredients?

Carly Ogata -

Who are your suppliers?

We look to source ingredients from within 150 miles of our facilities, and a majority of our food comes from right within our own state.  We are lucky to be here in California.

Do you offer organic lunches?

We partner with local providers, often growers who don’t use pesticides or sprays, but are too small to get the ‘organic’ stamp.  We emphasize organics where it matters – our fresh produce buying. 

Do you offer hormone-free foods?

Our low fat white and fat free chocolate milk is rBST-free. We source hormone-free chicken breasts and thighs (which are antibiotic-free as well) and turkey ingredients, as the USDA prohibits all chickens and turkeys to be given any hormones.


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