How to Change or Cancel a Lunch

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Cancellation Deadlines:

  • Before 9am the day before lunch, a Full Lunch credit is applied to your Choicelunch Account
  • After 9am the day before lunch,  a Half Lunch credit is applied to your Choicelunch Account
  • Something to consider before you cancel a lunch --  If you cancel a lunch that has passed the order deadline (9am the day before), you will not be able to reorder the lunch. 

If you still would like to Change or Cancel lunch, here are the steps:  

  •  Log into Choicelunch at 
  •  Click on the day that you want to change and it will expand
  •  Click on "Cancel Lunch". 
  • A pop-up window will ask if you are sure.  Click "I'm sure, cancel lunch".  This will then place a credit on your account.
  • If you would like to place another order for the date of the cancellation, click on the "Choose +" icon, and the drop down menu will appear for you to place an order.





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