Cancellation and Ordering Deadlines

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Standard Order Deadline:

All orders must be placed prior to 9 am the day before.

This includes the weekend for lunch on Monday, you would need to have it ordered by Sunday at 9 am.

Cancellation Deadline:

To cancel any lunch for full credit you will need to cancel the lunch before 9 am the day before.

Any lunch cancelled after the 9 am deadline but before 9 am the day the lunch is to be serve you will receive a half credit. No credit will be issued for lunches cancelled after the 9 am deadline.

If you have an extenuating circumstance and you were not able to cancel lunch before 9 am the day before, please reach out to our Customer Support team at 855-465-8624 or email: and we'd be happy to help!

Field Trip Cancellations:

Although we work with all of our schools to make sure that their calendar is updated with all school holiday’s, and minimum days, we Do Not Know, when an individual class will be taking a field trip. It is the parent’s responsibility to cancel this lunch within the cancellation deadline to receive credit for that lunch.

Sick Child Cancellation:

Sometimes unforeseen events happen and understand children can get sick, and although we are very sympathetic to our families, by morning the lunches are packed and on their way to the schools. However, if you should cancel the lunch before 9 am the morning the lunch is to be served we will be happy to share the cost of that lunch and place a half credit on your Choicelunch account.

Late Ordering/Emergency Lunches:

Once the normal ordering day has closed, Late Ordering will be available until 6 am the morning the lunch is needed.

You will be selecting from a limited menu that will become more limited as the ordering day progresses. Only regular portion size will be available during this ordering period. Once these entrées have sold out the our Bagel & Cream Cheese will be available for the remainder of the ordering period. You can only access Late Ordering with your computer while on the New Calendar. An additional fee of $1.50 will be added to the cost of each lunch.


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