How to View Which Snacks, Drinks, and Fruit/Veggies are Available

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Our Full Meal Program is you order the entree and your student picks the drink, snack and fruit/veggie at the lunch counter. We also have other lunch bins for condiments and essential utensils.

**Straws are available upon request at the lunch counter

*Disclaimer for younger students at all Stratford schools*All sides are chosen when ordering your entree. You may choose to add-on any number of sides, snacks, fruit and drinks.For the Preschool-Kindergarten lunch service, their teacher pre-packs their lunches with a snack and a drink and then delivers them to the students.If you have any dietary restrictions or preferences of drink/snack for your student, please contact their teacher directly.   All snacks and sides are chosen when ordering your main entree - You may add as many sides as you would like.

  • Click the"i" icon next to "Choice of Drinks or Snacks".
  • Fruits and Veggies are seasonal, and include sliced melon, apples, oranges, pineapple, broccoli, carrots, jicama, cherry tomatoes, edamame and cucumbers.


  • Click on the "+Snack" box located next to the "+Entree" box.
  • Scroll down to view the available snacks in the drop down menu and click "ADD" for any snack you would like to add to your student's meal. You can add more than one of these.
  • Click on the "+Drink" and follow the same process as above to add a drink to your student's lunch.
  • Click on "+Fruit" and follow the same process as above to add a fruit or veggie to your student's meal.
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