How to Update Your Credit Card Information

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Option 1: Update your credit card information from the "Manage Account" option. 

  • Select "Sign in" to your account.
  • At the top right of your screen, place your cursor on your name/icon and click "Manage Account". 
  • Scroll down to "Billing Information" on the left side of your screen and click "Update" on the top right of that box. 
  • You will either select "Delete" or "Change" and enter your new credit card information.
  • Scroll to the bottom of this page and Save before exiting.

Option 2:  Update your credit card information from your "My Account Balance"

  • From the drop down "My Account Balance", select the eraser to the right of your credit card number
  • Choose either "Use a different card" or "Delete" your existing credit card information and replace 


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