How to Create a New Choicelunch Account

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*If your student is in any of the following school districts:

  • Del Mar District Schools
  • Mill Valley District Schools
  • Morgan Hill Charter School
  • Portola Valley District Schools
  • Sunol Glen Unified School District
  • Wish Charter Schools
  • Woodside Elementary School District

You will need to create an account over at:

To set up your new account you will need enter your (the account holder) name first, then your student's name on the following page.

Once you have your school information, just follow these few steps to create your account:

  • Log onto
  • Click on “Sign up” at the top right of your screen.  
  • Complete ACCOUNT DETAILS and select "continue".

**If you currently have a Choicelunch account, and are attempting to create a new account, the system will not allow you to use the same email address that you previously used to create an account. To get around this, please use a "dummy" email address for this input field, and then contact Choicelunch customer support at or at 855-GO-LUNCH. A Customer Support Representative will be happy to assist you in adding the correct email address in to your new account. 



  • When you have completed your Account Details you will  "Add Student".  You can add multiple students, once you have completed your first student add. 
  • After entering your students first and last name, you will be prompted to "search for you school by city/town". Please enter the name of the city/town, and then click the city from the drop down menu that appears below the input box. You will know the city has been selected when you see it showing before "name of school" above the text input box.
  • Select your school and in the next drop down, you will be prompted to select your student's Grade.   
  • After entering your student's grade, you can pick any allergens applicable and select "+Add (Student's Name)".  If you have multiple students, repeat this process. 

If you would like to join your child for lunch you can add yourself to your account. Just add another student, use the same grade level as your child and your lunch will be delivered in the same manner. All School staff members please use "Staff" as your grade selection. 

  • After completing your Student Adds, your final step is to complete your Payment information for Choicelunch Preload. 
  • Once you've entered your payment info, you'll need to preload your Choicelunch account with funds before ordering. 
  • You can add any amount $5.00 or more- or we have convenient preset increments of $50, $75 and $150.
  • Any unused account balance is 100% refundable, simply contact Customer Support Team Monday-Friday between 8AM-4PM.
    • Call toll free: 855-465-8624 
    • or email us at 





















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