What Happens During Lunch?

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How does my student pick up lunch?

Your student will go to the lunch line, when they reach the front they will tell the counter helper their name and grade. The counter helper (Parent Volunteer) will then look up your student’s name on the Daily Report that is sent with the lunches each day and then give your student the lunch entree that has been pre-ordered.

Any add ons that have been added to your student's lunch, like snacks, drinks, fruit, etc. will be included in their lunch bag along with their entree.

Any add ons that have been added to your student's lunch, like snacks, drinks, fruit, etc. will be included in their lunch bag that comes with their entree. If you have decided to have your student to choose the snack, drink, and fruit or veggie at the lunch counter, they will be able to choose each of these items when they pick up their entrée.

What comes with the lunch? How do I select the snack or drink?

When ordering online- You will only need to select your entree. Your student gets to pick 1 snack, 1 fruit or veggie and 1 drink the lunch line each day they have a preordered lunch.

If you have preferences or dietary restrictions for your student, please reach out to your school's hot lunch coordinator directly.


NOTE: Grades: K-8th for most schools, the students are participating in the lunch line and making their own Fruit/Veggie, Snack and Drink selections after receiving their entree.

At some school locations, Pre-K students have these items selected by the teacher or staff member. Please ask your teacher how lunches are distributed for your child.

Who gives out the lunches?

Each school has dedicated Parent Volunteers who help out as a counter helpers and distribute the lunches to the students each day. Choicelunch does not have employees onsite during lunch for the 300 schools that we service.

Thank you to all our wonderful lunchtime volunteers!!

Is lunch delivered to the classroom?

Some schools will deliver lunches-- particularly to the younger ones in pre-K/preschool/Kindergarten classes (Stratford).

You will need to contact your school directly if you want to find out how they have set up their lunch time.

What if my student forgets to pick up his lunch?

The lunch will be returned to the kitchen and discarded for safety reasons. Please cancel any lunches that will not be needed before the deadline (9am the day before lunch)

Does my student have to know what was ordered?

No, each school will receive a Daily Report with the lunches, this will have each student’s name on it with the entrée that has been ordered for them.

If you have any other questions, you may contact Choicelunch Customer Support directly at:

Toll Free (855)-465-8624

or at


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