Billing for the Unlimited Plans

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Billing Schedule:

Unlimited Subscription is offered as an annual plan for parents from the months of September through May of every school year. You pay for lunches on the 1st of every month for that month. So, September 1st will provide September's lunches.

Purchasing Unlimited Choicelunch Subscription outside of the 1st

Perhaps the most important thing to note is that if you sign up for Unlimited Choicelunch, your payment for the first month (if you DIDN'T sign up on the 1st) would be pro-rated. This means you will get charged for the days left in the month from the date you ordered. 

Method of Payment: 

Credit Card is the only way to order through Choicelunch

Cancellation Deadlines:

If you cancel your plan after the 2nd of the month- your plan will continue to serve you lunches for the entire month and cancel your NEXT month's lunches. It is important to cancel over 30 days in advance for that reason. 

**Unlimited Subscriptions only at participating schools 

This program is not available at your school at this time. 



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