How to Order Jamba Juice with Lunch

Nicole Rubenstein -

***Jamba Juice only at participating schools ***

  • When ordering lunch on your school's smoothie day, please make your entree selection first by clicking your desired entree from the drop down menu.
  • Below the large photo of the entree and the orange "Order Lunch" button, you will see an icon with a photo of the Jamba Juice available for that day with a button that says "Add To Lunch".  
  • After you click this button, make sure you click the orange "Order Lunch" button, and you are all set to receive Jamba Juice for that day! 

Something to consider
- If you are a Unlimited subscriber which includes Jamba Juice, you must "Add On" the smoothie to the lunch. The Jamba Juice will not be automatically included in your order

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