How to Order Jamba Juice with a Lunch

Nicole Rubenstein -

*** Only at participating schools ***

How do I add Jamba Juice to my order? 

  • When ordering lunch on your school's smoothie day, please make your entree selection first by clicking your desired entree from the menu.
  • Once you have made your lunch selection, you will see the confirmation page pop up. If smoothies are available that day, you will see a section labeled "Available Add-Ons" with the smoothie flavor listed below. Click the "add".
  • After you have added the smoothie to your order, please click the "Place Order" button. You are now all set with a Jamba Juice order for that day!
  • Smoothies MUST be added by the deadline of 9am the day before lunch. You are unable to add a late smoothie like you can with a lunch during our "Late Ordering" window.



This program is not available at your school. 

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