How to Order Jamba Juice with a Lunch

Nicole Rubenstein -

*** Only at participating schools ***

How do I add Jamba Juice to my order? 

  • When ordering lunch on your school's smoothie day, please make your entree selection first by clicking your desired entree from the menu.
  • Once you have made your lunch selection, you will see the confirmation page pop up. If smoothies are available that day, you will see a section labeled "Available Add-Ons" with the smoothie flavor listed below. Click the "add".
  • After you have added the smoothie to your order, please click the "Place Order" button. You are now all set with a Jamba Juice order for that day! 
  • Smoothies MUST be added by the deadline of 9am the day before lunch. We are unable to add late smoothies like we are able to add last minute lunches after that deadline has passed.


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