How to Create a Combo

Nicole Rubenstein -

The Combo option on the Choicelunch App or Website helps you optimize your choices. Make a combo, name it, then plug it into any order. How about a Monday Combo (your kid's favorite plus one of your own)? Or a Long Day Combo (extra protein and water)? Or do a Treat Combo (a well-deserved surprise). The options are infinite.

This option is not available at your school. 

  • Click on the gray choose icon for the date you would like to order. Select your entree and the snacks, drinks, fruits, and veggies you would like included in your saved Combo
  • Click the box labeled "Add to My Combo" located below the large photo of the selected entree
  • You will now be prompted to name your Combo
  • Click the "Save Combo" button
  • When placing your next order, you will see this Combo is available to order by clicking the single "Add" button in the Combo box. This action automatically adds all snacks, drinks, and fruits/veggies included in the Combo.



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